·Repair Services·

Our bicycle technicians are comprised of indviduals with UBI (United Bicycle Institue) professional mechanic certifications, Shimano experts with S-TEC certifications, and Specialized advanced technician certifications. 


The Patuxent Adventure Center is Southern Maryland's premier resource for bicycle repair services. Serving local Carlvert & St. Mary's counties and occassionally customers from the greater Annapolis, DC & Baltimore area. 

·Tune Up Packages·

Bronze Tune Up

$80 (PAC Serice Club: Free)


-Front & rear brake adjustments

-Gear adjustments

-Inspection of bolts & torque

-On bike wheel alignment

-Bearing point inspection

-Level 1 Clean & Lube Package

Silver Tune Up

$120 (PAC Service Club: $40)


-Bronze Tune AND the following:

-Off bike wheel truing

-Seat post removed & regreased

-Hub adjustments

-Headset adjustments

-Level 2 Clean & Lube Package

Gold Tune Up

$250 (PAC Service Club: $170)


-Silver Tune AND the following:

-Bearing points fully serviced (hubs, headset, and bottom bracket)

-Cables and housing replaced

-Bicycle stipped down to the frame

-Level 3 Clean & Lube Package

Buy a PAC Service Club membership for $130. It lasts 2 years from the date of purchase & saves you money!

·Clean & Lube Packages·

Level 1 Cleaning

$15 (Free w/ Bronze Tune)


-Frame wiped down

-Chain lubricated

(This service is free with a Bronze tune)

Level 2 Cleaning

$45 (Free w/ Silver)


-Frame wiped down

-Chain & cassette removed, thoroughly cleaned, and reinstalled

-Derailleurs and crank wiped down

(This service is free with a Silver tune)

Level 3 Cleaning

$90 (Free w/ Gold Tune)


-Frame wiped down

-All drive train components removed, thoroughly cleaned, and reinstalled

-Brake system cleaned and serviced

(This service is free with a Gold tune)

·Miscellaneous Services·

Fork Seal Overhaul

$75 + Seal Kit Price


-Fit information recorded

-Fork removed from bike

-Old seals removed

-Fork thoroughly cleaned

-New seals installed

-Proper shock weight oil and volumes added to fork

-Fork reassembled, installed on bike to proper fit specifications and set to proper air pressure


Shock Seal Overhaul

$50 + Seal Kit Price


-Shock removed from bike

-Old seals removed

-Shock thoroughly cleaned

-New seals installed

-Proper shock weight oil and volumes added to shock

-Shock reassembled, installed on bike, and set to proper air pressure


Bike Assembly
Box Bike For Ship
Shipping Charges
Iron Case Rental

From Box


-Single speed bike assembly $50

-Multi speed bike assembly $75


Frame up


-Custom road bike assembly $150

-Custom mountain bike assembly $175





-Boxing service includes

-Recycled cardboard bike box

-Foam frame protection

-Removal and packing of:

     -Front wheel



     -Accessories on handlebars





UPS, Fed-Ex & USPS Rates


-Rates can vary with size and destination. Typically bikes cost around $60-$120 to ship domestically. When we package bikes we always attempt to get the box size under 130 "demensional inches". This insures the least expensive shipping rate. 





$50 for 1 week, $75 for 2 weeks


-Hard plastic "Iron Case" brand travel case makes traveling with your bike via airline much easier.


-Be sure to check with your inteded airline about charges for "checking" a bag of this size. This case measures:


Length: 47"

Width: 10.5"

Hieght: 30.5"




A la Carte Services



-Bar Tape $10

-Brake (Linear, Canti or Caliper) $25

-Cable (Shift or brake) $15

-Cassette $10

-Derailleur (Front or rear) $25

-Grips $5

-Fenders $20

-Rear Rack $15

-Tubeless Conversion $25

-Tube/ Tire $10

-Tubular (New wheel) $35

-Tubular (With removal of glue) $50





A la Carte Services



-Brake $10 ea.

-Derailleur $10 ea.

-Derailleur Hanger Alignment $15

-Headset $10 ea.

-Hub $15

-Wheel Alightment/ True $20




A la Carte Services



-Bottom Bracket $35

-Brake $20 ea.

-Brake Bleed $35 (Includes fluid)

-Derailleur $25 ea.

-Headset $30 ea.

-Hub $25

-Rim braking surface detailing $15 ea.





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