Ride longer, faster and more comfortably. PAC has a dedicated fit studio to provide quality attention to detail bike fit services. We believe and practice the "Body Geometry" fit method, which puts an emphasis on rider's unique characteristics when preforming a fit. Our full "Body Geometry" fit service is our most comprehensive fit service and creates the ultimate marriage between rider and machine.  

We utilize a Retul Muve custom fit bike here at PAC to preform premium fit services and find ideal bike sizes. 

Basic Fitting Service

This is the starting point for every bicycle purchase. The basic fitting service takes a look at the body and the main contact points with the bicycle. This service includes setting the bicycle for:


-Proper leg extention

-Proper knee fore aft placement

-Comfortable & neutral reach of handlabars

Cleat & Knee Alignment Service

Clipping into your pedals means your foot is in a relativly fixed position throughout your ride. Having the proper placement & alignment of your cleats is important to pedaling comfortably. In addition, proper forefoot and arch support is important to maintain both foot comfort and mechanics of the knee. This service includes setting the bicycle for:


-Proper cleat fore aft placement

-Proper cleat stance width placement

-Proper cleat angle placement

-Fit shoes with semi custom arch level footbeds

-Fit shoes to custom forefoot wedges

-Add washers if needed to increase stance width past cleat allowance

Handlebar Fitting Service
$50 + Parts

Riding style, flexibility, and body proportions are all accounted for in finding the proper handlebar position. Getting them in the right spot can make a world of a difference. For this fit service we identify the ideal handlebar position.  

This service commonly requires the changing of the stem or handlebars to create the desired position. 

Saddle Fitting Service
$50 + Parts

If you are experiencing saddle discomfort you may need a saddle better fitted for your body, or you may need your current saddle moved. There are many variables in determining the correct saddle and fit including saddle width, padding level, shape, and positioning.


This service includes:


-Discussing cycling goals and riding style

-Meauring sit bones for proper saddle width

-Saddle positioned for proper leg extension

-Saddle positioned for proper fore/aft


Customers are given a 90 day window to ride the saddle to test the new fit to determine if it's right for them. Saddles can be returned for credit if not the right fit. 

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