The Twelve Rides of Christmas

What are the 12 rides of Christmas all about?

These rides are a fun way to round out the 2019 riding season while sticking your nose up at old man winter. They will take place from December 1st to December 31st!
These rides are meant to take you a bit out of your comfort zone and you may find yourself trying something you normally wouldn't do! 
Find yourself exploring all that Maryland has to offer, while dipping just into Pennsylvania and Virginia!
There are some excellent prizes you can win by completing some or all of the rides below!

The Rides

1. Average Joe Ride

You must participate in one of the Average Joe Rides in the month of December. We'll have 4 in the month of December to choose from. Updates on rides will be posted to the Patuxent Adventure Center's Facebook page.


2. Park Ride

Incorporate a County, State, or Federal Park into a 20 mile ride! You can ride any type of bike and go on any type of ride. Your whole ride does NOT need to be in the park, but must include it.


3. NCR Rail Trail

This hidden gem is located just north of Baltimore and runs all the way to York, PA. All you have to do is is make it just over the border to New Freedom, PA and back for a total of 42 miles!
This trail is crushed limestone, and can be done on a road bike, but a gravel bike is recommended.

Parking at the lower terminus can be found HERE


5. Indian Head Rail Trail

Start this trail in White Plains and ride the 13 miles to the western terminus in Indian Head, while taking in all of the scenery this trail has to offer!

This trail is paved, so any type of bike works!  

Parking for the White Plains Terminus can be found HERE


4. Three Notch Rail Trail

Start our local rail trail at John Bagget Park and ride north to the end of the trail at Deborah Drive for a round trip ride of 20 miles!
This trail is paved, so any bike type works!

Parking for John Bagget Park can be found HERE


Check out this trail that takes you from busy Arlington out to Virginia's rolling hill country! You'll need to complete 30 miles on the trail to complete this one! 

Parking locations and trail conditions can be found HERE


6. Washington & Old Dominion Trail

7. 20 Miles in St. Mary's County

Complete a 20 mile ride anywhere in St. Mary's county, that's it!


9. 20 Mile Un-Paved Ride

The pavement is lava on this challenge! Go out and find some dirt and complete a 20 mile ride! You can do this anyway you want to, mountain bike trails, gravel roads, or even dedicated trails like the C&O Canal! 


8. 20 Miles in Charles County

Complete a 20 mile ride anywhere in Charles county, that's it!


10. 50 Mile Ride

This is also a pretty straight forward ride, just go churn out 50 miles on one continuous ride to complete this one! Any kind of ride, and location will do!


11. Zwift Ride

Log 15 miles on Zwift riding any course or ride you'd like to pick from. Zwift is free for the first 7 days or 15 miles, whichever comes first. 
We will also have Zwift set up at the shop using a smart trainer if you do not wish to set up Zwift at home. 
To use our trainer please call ahead so we can set a time for you to ride!

For information on Zwift click HERE



Come to the shop and donate a non-perishable food item to benefit Smile in Lusby. You can also donate an unwrapped toy to benefit families of St. John Vianney food Pantry! Toys will be picked up by the end of Sunday, 12/15


The Rules

1. Join the 12 Days Of Christmas Strava page HERE

2. You may need to change your privacy settings to public, or so that when you post a ride the club can see it. If this is not done, then we may not be able to see your rides!


3. Each ride must include a photo of part of the ride and be submitted to the Strava page, please title the ride with the challenge you completed!

4. When submitting a Strava ride for the challenge, you will need to also share the ride with Facebook.
When sharing with Facebook use the tag @patuxentadventurecenter there are no spaces in the tag. While you type, Patuxent Adventure Centers page should pop up, just click on PAC from the list.


5. No substituting any rides! This means you can't use one ride to knock out more than one challenge. This is meant to be a fun way to go out and make the most out of whats left of the season and what our region has to offer!


6. Rides only count for the month of December! This challenge is from December 1st through December 31st!


Scoring & Prizes

Everyone who participates in the 12 days of Christmas ride will be grouped into 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place pools. A winner will be drawn from each pool during our new year party 

(date TBD) to announce the winners!

1st place pool - 12 challenges must be completed by December 31st and submitted!
2nd place pool - 8 challenges must be completed by December 31st and submitted!

3rd place pool - 4 challenges must be completed by December 31st and submitted!

1st place prize:  $500 Gift Card to Patuxent Adventure Center

2nd Place Prize: A Wahool Element Bolt Bicycle Computer
3rd Place Prize: 2 years service package for one bicycle with the PAC Service Club 


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